Gino Colombo | personal stylist

Gino Colombo is a hair care professional based in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles, California. He has styled for top actors and models internationally.

Gino believes that everyone needs a good stylist, whether it’s for hair, fashion, or makeup. He loves transforming looks by showcasing an individual’s natural beauty. He believes that hair is a reflection of one’s personality and he showcases this in his work.

Gino’s adorable accent won’t reveal exactly where he comes from. You’ll hear shades of Italian and rhythms of France. You’ll also notice his newly acquired English naughty words. Gino’s eyes and hands do the important talking. For years, he’s made European and Hollywood faces camera and run-way ready. Words can’t describe what he can do. Need coloring, cutting, curling or straightening? Need ultimate beauty making?

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