Gino Colombo - Reviews


“I’ve known Gino Colombo for almost 20 years and he is not only a highly talented and creative hairstylist but he is also a wonderful makeup artist and fashion connaisseur . Gino has a keen sense of all that is pleasing to the eye….whether it is a beauty look or piece of art. He has a role on an elite committee of the best hairdressers in Canada, was to test, consult and perform on stages across the country as one of the ambassadors of our brand. He is extremely charismatic and very approachable. His hands are his instruments and his craft is beautifying every person he touches. A multi talented, warm and highly energizing human being….Gino’s natural charisma is enough to seduce anyone.”
Doriane Dalati,
Vice Preidente Directrice Generale, L’Oreal Canada

“Gino is a master at what he does with make-up and hair. He is a Godsend to the beauty industry. With his expertise in make-up, hair-styling and coloring, he knows how to bring out the best in you. He is a valuable tool for my business when I know that I am going to be filmed or have pictures taken. As we all know in this town, your image is everything. With Gino, I feel like I have a complete advantage.”
Jen Grisanti,
Story/Career Consultant and Independent Producer

“When it comes to my hair, I can’t take chances. I feel at-ease and relaxed when Gino does my hair.”
Brentwood, CA